Otto Kruger

South African Angler and CarpFever contributor
Otto Kruger with great looking common carp

Age: 27
From: Free state, Bloemfontein
Occupation: Technical manager for De Stallen guesthouse
Biggest catch: 14,97kg (33,06lb) common and a mirror at 13,15kg (29,98lb)

“I am very enthusiastic and passionate about carp angling; I spend most of my time improving my techniques and approach towards carp angling. Not so much on the bank, but in preparation for the next session that includes boilie making, stick mix recipes, rig making and testing. I am also constantly in search of new, un-fished waters and enjoy reading every carp angling material I can get my hands on. For me, carp angling is who I am and my way of life. Preparing and adapting to every circumstance nature and fish can throw at me, turning silence into action, that’s what I live for.”


How many years have you been actively pursuing specimen angling?

I started angling from a very young age of four with my dad and have been actively pursuing specimen angling for 12 years.

How often do you fish?

In the past, I only had time to go fish about three times a year because of my work circumstances. But lately things improved and I can fish at least once a month. It is not as much as I want to, but at least I still have the opportunity to go. Also, due to limited angling waters in and around Bloemfontein, I am forced to fish far out from where I live to catch decent sized carp. Therefore, I fish multiple dams in search of big carp.

What would you say is your niche in angling and what can you contribute that is new and fresh to the SA carp scene?

My unique, organised approach for landing carp. Everything I do is with a 100 percent certainty. I do not take any shortcuts and no matter what the circumstances may be, I will never give up. I will always try everything in my ability to catch carp and I always learn something new that I can share with fellow anglers. I also want to portray my dream in producing professional carp angling videos.

Biggest reward in angling?

Every carp I catch is a reward and I appreciate each and every one. But my biggest reward is not my PB, but a carp I put a lot of effort in at Tzaneen Dam. After three days of catching nothing, hard work paid off with a stunning common carp weighing in at 13,6kg (30,90lbs).


Welcome to the CarpFever family Otto! We are looking forward to your contributions.