Razvan Vlad

South African Carp Angler and CarpFever Contributor
Razvan Vlad

Age: 32
From: Originally from Romania, now based in Secunda, Mpumalanga
Occupation: Site Manager at Petro Chem, Sasol refinery
Biggest catch: 22,6kg in SA

"I am passionate about all aspects of carp fishing and fishing in general. I started angling with a rod and reel at the age of four under my grandfather's guidance – a passionate pike and coarse fish angler. My fishing (and love for it) is based on my appreciation for nature and the outdoors – I will always try to leave the smallest footprints next to the water, and have little impact on wildlife and fish.

I like to see myself as an all-round angler, and I am trying to understand and apply what triggers fish feeding and behaviour. Reading about their biology is what helps me become more efficient in my tactics.

If I am next to new waters with a rod in my hand in pursuit of monster carp or looking for a bite on a float setup at the local pond after small carp – I get excited. That’s what fishing is all about and having fun while doing it!"


How often do you fish?

My carp fishing allowance is around a session every two weeks, but I also enjoy a few hours of float fishing/stalking in early mornings during weekdays – a total of 10 to 15 hours a week.

Amount of waters you fish on average?

I fish three at the moment, and every once in a while I go to other waters on invitation.

What would you say is your niche in angling and what can you contribute that is new and fresh to South Africa's carp scene?

I am very passionate about carp fishing and my involvement in carp fishing competitions gave me a lot of exposure to different environments, tactics, baits and tools of the trade. I can give an honest opinion on what works and what is just 'clutter' to someone that would like to start the awesome journey of specimen carp fishing.

I am very good at short, blitz sessions, and the preparation and logistics that revolves around this type of fishing. I have tried and tested quite a few rigs, and I have bragging rights for being the first angler to successfully make (and caught carp on it) a braided chod rig. This modification came about due to the heavy pestering of crabs that cut through any mono or fluorocarbon line. Another 'soft spot' of mine is float/stalk fishing – it has given me many hours of joy when I cannot accommodate long sessions.

Biggest rewards/achievements in angling?

I finished third out of 41 teams at the Cup of Cups (Romania) in 2006, and I have also won various other prizes in competitions and fishing events. I also fished at the World Carp Classic in 2006 at Lac D'Orient, France.



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