Heli Safe Lead Release System

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Taking Carp Safety to the next level, Korda boys at it again. 

*Snippet from Korda Website*

For many years, the Holy Grail of product development has been a simple and reliable way to drop leads when fishing with helicopter rigs. We’re pleased to announce that Korda has managed to crack this conundrum and the resulting product, the Heli Safety System, will be ready for launch very soon (what’s more, it’s a streamlined thing of beauty!).

Korda’s head of product development, Tom Dove, explained why there’s a niche for such a product, “For a long time people have been using the helicopter rig as their go-to presentation for fishing in weed, particularly with chod rigs. The problem with a conventional helicopter rig is that having the lead fixed to the end of the leader while fishing in weed causes lots of problems, particularly with lost fish. Dropping the lead is the best solution.”

Keep and eye out for the official release date, expected end of January.


Visit Korda website for more information



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