In the Spotlight: Bambi Kruger

Johan Kruger, also known as Bambi, spiked a unique interest on our Facebook wall a week ago when we posted a photo of him and his ‘mothership’ common weighing in over 50lbs. We didn’t think twice and just had to ask him a few questions about his catch and techniques.

Bambi is known for his great success using homemade boilies, and believes he and his fellow bait enthusiasts found the perfect boilie blend (if you can call it that) – one of the keys to his success in specimen angling.


Author: CarpFever

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  1. Very very nice Q/A!!! I’m part of this as I think I’m behind the camera in all the pics and very fortunate to photograph the captures and share the moments with such a great friend!! P.S that bottle of wine is only one of the secret tricks, we have a super secret one :))

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