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Q&A with Byron Fourie

I decided to target big carp as I have always preferred quality over quantity, but the main reason was the practise of carp care.

Byron Fourie, who is this guy you might ask? We asked that same question after a quick chat with Gerrit Oosthuizen, the distributor of Castaway PVA and maker of Titanic Carp Gear. Byron left such an impression on Oom Gerrit –  we just had to investigate ourselves. It wasn't long before we realised that this young man knows a few things, evident in his outstanding angling performance last year. It was a privilege and delight chatting to Byron – a truly humble angler with a great future ahead of him. Someone to keep an eye on!

Thank you for the interview Byron, it is much appreciated. All the best for 2015!
The CarpFever Team

Byron Fourie

Age: 25

From: Roodepoort, Gauteng

* Keith Knott from Knott’s Outdoor Paradise
* Castaway PVA
* DB Baits
* Ambassador for Danglers Nation South Africa

Electrical engineering student

What is your personal best catch?
Common carp: 19.96kg/44lb
Grass carp: 26.53kg/58lb 4oz
Mirror carp: 13.85kg/30.5lb
Fully scaled mirror carp: 12.64kg/27.87lb

What was your biggest achievement for 2014?
My biggest achievement for 2014 (besides the beauties mentioned above) was being announced the Florida Lake Club Champion in 2014 after only competing in five competitions out of the 11 hosted by Roodepoort Angling Club.

Please tell us more about your most memorable catch?
My most memorable catch would have to be the 44lb common landed on 10 September 2014 at exactly 01:55 am. I landed this stunning specimen using a normal bottom bait rig (snowman presentation) comprised of Korda’s 20lb semi-stiff coated hooklink coupled with a #6 Nash Fang Twister Hook. The bait company used was GT Baits. Reason being that Florida Lake is extremely pressured waters with a constant influx of anglers and numerous baits. To my knowledge, a 40lb common/mirror carp has not been landed from the lake in years. Speculation has it that a 40lb-der was landed in 2013, but to this day no proof has been brought forward.

Your favourite venue?
My favourite venue would have to be private dams due to little or no disturbance. If I had to choose a local venue close to home, it would have to be a gamble between Florida Lake and Donaldson Dam.

Favourite rig regardless of conditions?
Plain bottom bait rig with a snowman presentation.

Lead size and arrangement preference?
4.5oz casting lead. The reason for using such a heavy lead is to have the option to cast at greater distances when needed, and also a better hookset on the initial hookup.

Favourite fishing tactic/method?
I prefer to do long distance fishing – the further I am away from the bank I am fishing from the better in my opinion. I favour fewer disturbances near my hookbait.  

Do you prefer fishing with braid or mono?
I prefer to fish with braid, as there is no stretch. It enables an immediate indication when having a visitor at your hookbait. Another reason would be the direct fight, feeling every nod when hooked up.

Preferred weather conditions, and why?
I prefer an overcast day with a slight breeze. I have come to believe that rougher water is more oxygenated and encourages feeding.

What’s your favourite feature to fish?
I prefer to fish overhanging trees as many insects, and natural foods fall from the trees, including bird manure.

If you had the option, would you rather land one quality fish or multiple decent fish?
One quality fish. Catching a bigger or older carp in my opinion is trickier than landing a few decent fish.

What would you say is the single most important thing to remember when fishing for big carp?
Presentation/location and then bait. I take presentation and location as one as they are both extremely important aspects when targeting big carp.

If given the choice, would you rather do one four-day session in a month or four individual day sessions?
I prefer to do a four-day session, as there are more days to try new things if conditions aren’t playing along. Longer sessions allow me to take more gear with to enhance comfort.

Where did your interest in angling start and at what stage in your life did you decide to hunt for big carp?
My interest in angling started at the age of two, as that was the first time my dad took me fishing. I received my first rod for my third birthday and was absolutely hooked. I only started practising specimen angling end 2011.  I decided to target big carp as I have always preferred quality over quantity, but the main reason was the practise of carp care. It was my lifelong dream to become a vet as I have a love for animals and caring for them have always been in my nature.

If you had the option to only fish with one bait for the rest of your life, what would it be?
I would probably choose natural baits for instance worms/insects as they are much easier to obtain, but if given the choice between particles and boilies it will have to be boilies due to convenience.

Would you rather be rich but never fish again or poor and fish when you want?
Poor and fish when I want.

If you had to leave your scale and camera at home, would you still do it?
Of course!!!!!

We all forget some of our gear at home from time to time. What will you prefer to rather fish without, your bed chair or your shelter?
My bedchair, if I do short sessions. I prefer to pack light so sleeping on the floor would not be a problem.

Why do you think carp care is such a crucial part of our sport?
To preserve this immaculate species, even though it is known as an invasive species in our country.

Is there any tip or lesson you learned that you would like to share with our readers?
Fish consistently and always remain humble, remembering that angling is a passion and not a constant competition. Give credit to anglers where credit is due; never look down on someone unless you are helping them up. 

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