Team Q&A – 2016 Angling Goals

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How are you going to achieve your 2016 angling goals?

Most people reflect on their failures and achievements at the end of every year. The new year brings a clean slate in which to set and achieve new goals and reach for new lengths – any ambitious or serious carp angler should have them. Our team share their personal angling goals for the year ahead and how they will go about reaching them. We hope their answers will inspire you to set your own goals in 2016.

Pieter Grobler

My biggest goal for this year isn’t directly related to my fishing but affects it in a big way: time management. Managing my time better will allow me to focus on my fishing more, from having the time to work on my own homemade boilie recipe to searching for new venues and refining my watercraft. If my new year’s resolutions can all marry into one then I am sure that first 30 pounder in Cape Town isn’t far away. That’s my only goal for 2016 as far as fish and weight goes. This year is primarily about building on the confidence gained last year and refining my skills even more. I am totally confident that the results will speak for themselves. I hope to share my journey in 2016 with all of you and my wish is that you have the time to reach your own goals in 2016. I am looking forward to a great year and hearing from you all. Gaan groot!

Otto Kruger - SA Carp Angler and Quest Contributor

Otto Kruger

My goal for this year is to learn and become confident in other ways to catch carp – I have a specific style and way of fishing that I am comfortable with, however, my comfort zone is preventing me from trying new things. Surface fishing, new rigs and stalking are some of the things I have to work on this year to master every aspect of carp angling.

How will I achieve my goals? In the past I had limited time to fish and didn’t feel confident to try a different approach when I’m next to the bank. This year I will focus on spending more time fishing and use the time I have wisely.

Razvan Vlad

My main angling goal for 2016 will be to catch some of the very best Lac de Villedon carp in France during my September trip. I don't think I can do much different than having my watercraft fine-tuned and paying attention to the signs the water will give. Having limited time to fish and being bound to the pre-selected swim, my bait and the way the fish will react will be very important. Hopefully I will have the key to unlock some of the big Villedon carp and add them to my photo album.

Wynand Roest

Setting goals is easy. Reaching them is a whole other story. However, by having something to work towards it will help give one the necessary focus and motivation to get the job done and, for me the key is to set realistic targets.

Here are my main fishing goals for 2016:

  • Fish more often
  • Discover a new fishing spot
  • Catch my first 35lber
  • Catch a carp on fly

I will aim to achieve these goals by spending more time on the bank, identifying a venue that holds big carp and purchasing a fly rod. 🙂

Jaco Jacobs

I spent most of 2015 chasing a 30lb river carp. I spent a lot of time rolling boilies and fishing mostly weekend sessions. It took about ten months to finally accomplish this goal.

As for 2016 I will be targeting a different venue altogether, one which I have never fished before. The most exciting part of fishing a new venue is building the puzzle and seeing a plan come together. The goal is to land a 40lb mirror or a new PB common. Boilies will once again be my go-to bait. Unlike last year I will spend more time pre-baiting the target water and, I will fish longer sessions – April through August being the focus as this is the time when the bigger fish normally feed well.

During the warmer months I will be doing a few short sessions next to the river again.


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