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CarpFever is a unique and exciting South African specimen angling lifestyle blog. We provide our readers with articles that revolves around their carp fishing world from gear reviews, camping tips and recipes to the serious stuff like rigs, watercraft, techniques and carp care. Readers can visit our angling lifestyle blog regularly to get their content fix.

Our contributors are all passionate anglers across the country with a united goal to create an online presence that will take the South African carp scene to an international level. Apart from our regular contributors, our goal is to provide the tools and platforms to all local anglers to promote themselves, voice their opinions and give insights into their fishing world.

It is no secret that our country holds some of the best-looking specimens on earth, and we have brilliant anglers making a global impact. But, we can certainly do so much more. We invite all our readers to join us on a journey to grow and make your presence known to the rest of the world. Share your angling experiences, knowledge and photographs; together we will grow our sport and take it to the next level.

Get in touch with us at info@carpfever.co.za.

CarpFever – it’s in our blood.

Want to become a regular contributor?

We are looking for enthusiastic anglers from each province to join the CarpFever team! If you think you have what it takes to inspire fellow anglers or tackle controversial topics – just drop us an email at info@carpfever.co.za, and we can chat!

Meet the Team

Pieter Grobler
Pieter is a passionate angler with a great love for his tackle and the outdoors. You will always find him experimenting with the latest craze or trying out new rigs. He is a graphic designer with over ten years in the industry and has great knowledge of creative directing and web-design. Pieter is the mastermind behind CarpFever – his most favourite project to date!

Christelle Grobler

She is the only lady in the gang and plays a vital role at CarpFever. When we get the ideas flowing, she goes into an editorial idea buzz! Christelle has over eight years of magazine publishing experience, knows her way around content marketing and she has a keen eye for photography. She has worked on great brands such as Toyota Zone, Sanlam Reality, Builders Warehouse, Ride and Top Billing – a great asset to our team.

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