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South African Braaibroodjie

I still remember it like yesterday. My first bite of the most amazing sandwich I ever had at a little deli, tucked away in a business park in Tokai. It only had three ingredients, but the sweet, salty and cheesy deliciousness had me hooked! I discovered my new lunchtime treat! It was this sweet memory of onion marmalade, gypsy ham and cheddar cheese that sparked my idea of giving the traditional braaibroodjie a new spin. I prepared this recipe during a Sunday braai and it went down a treat! I didn’t reinvent the wheel, simply upgraded it. I hope you all enjoy.

Toasted ciabatta with gypsy ham, onion marmalade and cheddar cheese


 • Ciabatta slices
 • Butter
Onion marmalade
Gypsy ham
Cheddar cheese, grated

Spread the outside layers of the ciabatta generously with butter. On the reverse side, spread the onion marmalade and top with the gypsy ham, followed by the grated cheese. Add another slice of ciabatta on top with the butter facing outwards. Place them gently on a braai grid over medium to low-heat coals. Braai until golden and crispy. Enjoy!


By Christelle Grobler

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